Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Unbounded Media/Wireless Transmission Media


Unbounded Media/Wireless Transmission Media. 

This kind of media is commonly used because it is more convenient and could be used in locations that is impossible to install cables. 


Other than that, we also learned two types of antenna which arePARABOLIC DISH and HORN ANTENNA


  • A reflective instrument with circular parabolic shape which collects and projects energy.
  • Receive microwaves signals from satellites.
  • Transmit data/broadcast television programs.
  • A motor-driven one is the one that has planned movement to change its position.
  • Also known as earth-based station.
  • From an earth-based station to satellite, it is called uplink (going UP).
  • From satellite to an earth-based station, it is called downlink(going DOWN).
  • Placed on high places to avoid obstructions and where it is difficult to install physical transmission media. 

Parabolic Dish


  • For transmission and reception of microwave signals.
  • Commonly used as the active element in dish antenna.
  • Pointed toward the center of the dish reflector.
  • Minimizes the response to unwanted signals.

Horn Antenna

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